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Dencoin ICO rating

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DENCoin was created to connect buyers, sellers and Investors through modern means of Digital currency. DENMart is a marketplace that links businesses to users on an easy-to-use platform and in this marketplace, users can trade, buy or sell with the DENToken.

Our Aim is to uplift E-commerce and referral platforms using crypto-currency, to increase interaction between the users and the customers.



DENCoin's major focus is to provide borderless means of payments between Nigeria and the rest of the world. In doing this, DENCoin provides an exchange market where it can be traded to different country's Fiat currency. We intend to integrate DENCoin as a payment processor, this will enhance a mass adoption of the coin among the people involved in the transaction since there is a ready market place where it can be traded in exchange to goods and services.

Unlike other Cryptocurrency where they can only be traded for Bitcoin and ethereum.

DEN was incorporated on the 14th of JULY 2017 and it's a registered company in Nigeria. The company registration Number(RC: 1425742)

DENCoin Wallet

DENCoin wallet is a secure digital wallet where you can store, send & receive, buy & sell digital currency like DEN Token, Bitcoin, Ethereum... 40% COMPLETE

DENMart Online Store

A platform that enables you create your own independent online store with ease within 20 minutes at low cost 10% COMPLETE

DEN Delivery

Get your products delivered anywhere at your doorstep without delay with DEN Delivery service 10% COMPLETE


  • • Crowdsale: 20,000,000 DEN(40%)
  • • Research & Development: 15,000,000 DEN(30%)
  • • Team Reserve: 13,000,000 DEN(26%)
  • • Airdrop/Bounty: 2,000,000 DEN(4%)



  • DEN is built on Ethereum, the next generation decentralized distributed network protocol that enables workability with advanced smart contracts. Agreements can now seamlessly operate automatically without the need of human control.


Charles Fred

Co Founder

Aguguo Henry

Co Founder

Muhammed Idris

Project Manager

Ejeh Paul

Country Manager

Stanley Abor

Legal & Technical Advisor

Kanan R.

Marketing Consultant

Deepanshu Bhatt

Investor Relation



There is no better way to create prosperity and wealth distribution other than the DEN INT'L projects. As more individuals keep participating and sharing in the new economy, our lives and prosperity can only improve.

Technologies are reshaping and disrupting the traditional business model. The tiny savings realized by each individual in a particular economic sector will be added up and be utilized in other areas such as health care, education etc.

DENCoin believes in this transformation and is poised to bridge the gap in the sharing economy.

Supported Currencies


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DENCoin is a utility token used for transactions on both DEN Referral platform and DEN Marketplace. DENMart is a global peer to peer marketplace where anyone can easily and safely buy or sell products or services using DENCoin.

DENCoin operates on Ethereum based smart contract. Smart contracts ensure that transactions are secure, transparent, seamless, enforceable and decentralized. Buyers and Sellers are safe and protected making deals through smart contracts.
Yes, Diamond Empire Network International is registered and legally protected to be operated globally.
Anyone can participate in this global revolution and earn massively.
Click Buy DEN Token and you will get started by filling the necessary details to create your DEN Wallet. After your wallet has been created, you can purchase the amount of token you want at a minimum rate of $35 by depositing it into our ETH receiving address. Sell, Buy more and Store your DEN token in your DEN Wallet.

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